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About Moi


Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Born Kuwait, November 29, (Year..for u to figure out!)
Fondly called Sadu and cedy
Hobbies Playing Football, hunting, fishing and chatting
Best Friends Jatin, Ruben, Venkat, Nabeela,
Neville , Jobin ,Lawrence , Bento , Arun , Floyd , Blins ,Sachin , Brian ,Pravin,& Gizelle Jacob , Issam & many more
Favorite Joint T.G.I.F.
Favorite Dish La Opala !
Favorite movie 101 Dalmanitans
Favorite Personality Cedric Savio Vaz
Favorite Song Oh Tarara
Favorite Perfume Ralph Laurens Romance Men
Commonly used term JACKED
Treasured Assets My folks
Favorite Color My body color !!
Favorite Spot House Loo
Favorite Line Tujeah Aaela !
Dream of No one by myself!


Some Of The snaps of my best friends are uploaded in the Friends Photo Album so you can go ahead and check them out =)