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Anti Virus Softwares

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I watch everything you do ...

Infected ? Think your infected ? Well Not to Worry ! I`ve just given u some links to some of the best utility softwares to prevent ur computer from getting eat up by those darn trojans and Viruses ..! These Softwares are applied to Win95/Win98/WinXP
Under Each Software  i shall give my own description! =)

The Cleaner

Well all i can say is abt this utility is that it's Great it's the enemy of Trojan - SubSeven . This Software has the ability that no other software has actually! it deletes all files infected with SubSeven compeltely unlike other softwares which are definitely no match for SubSeven .. It does not only clean SubSeven it cleans Many More ! This is Only a 30 day Trial Version ..after that you might have to purchase it for $29.95 as stated in the site .. Anyways This software is and can be applied to Win95/Win98/WinXP it wont cause a problem .

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