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Best Friends (Profiles)

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Updated as Soon as i get a friend hehe :)

Pravin : Hi!I am Pravin.I am in the 11th std in csk.I like cricket even though i suck at it,yea,even wrestling.hmm I dont no if I suck at it 2 coz havent tried it!OK wen i become big i wanna become filthy rich.damn rich!!i mite buy a small country somewhere like i dunno some country!!


Venkat :My name is Venkat Naidu . I live in Kuwait.I am 15 years old and im in the 11th grade.i study in the carmel school of kuwait.My first was visit it if u have the time. Yeah and please email me about wat u think at . Thanks

Lorraine Dias :Hi Im LORRAINE DIAS , born on 5 th feb'86 in Kuwait , my hobblies are chatting , dancing , singing n going for parties . Thats all abt me

Neville : Hi I`m Neville De Conceicao . I live in Kuwait & I`m cedric`s Neighbour.I like doing stuff Like making pen Pals and netpals , collecting stamps and playing cricket.I`m 17 yrs old and study at UIS in Kuwait and have chosen the Commerce Stream . I hope u enjoy Cedric`s Site =)
Hey And If Anyone Wants to e-mail me mail me at


Pär Hi i'm Pär and i'm 14 years old studying in mockfjärdsskolan in sweden. I was born on 05.06.1987 and i chat alot and play Counter-strike. I live in sweden.


VbG:Hi I'm John and i am 15 years old .. i am a male .. my hobbies is ..computers and irc .. my best friends on irc is.. goandelite, robb , hyperunknown..